Built for simplicity

VotePro audience engagement web app adds a new dimension to traditional broadcast media. A single tap on our mobile site enables audiences to answer hosts questions, view content and interact with advertisers in real time. Leveraging audience data, broadcasters and advertisers can target content resulting in higher revenues and audience growth.


Use a simple multiple-choice Q&A to get the audience connected and responding with any internet device. Use the audience feedback to guide the conversation, allowing them to become part of the show.


Push ad links with questions giving connected audience a convenient 1-click path toward purchase.


Data gathered from questions and clicked links can help improve content, ads and revenue through greater understanding of the audience.

Built for simplicity
VotePro helps you put a focus on your audience

VotePro helps you put a focus on your audience

Ratings are obviously important but how important is a deeper understanding of your specific audience?  Their preferences in content and ads?  How do you measure and hold onto your valued listeners?